Our River, Our Beauty  

Like most recreational lakes, Tillery is not the quiet, sparsely developed lake it was in the 60's and 70's when most houses along its shores were simple, tiny weekend "river cabins."  Boating on a weekday with too little gas or a bad battery could mean a long paddle with little chance of a tow. Those days are long gone, but, hopefully, Tillery will benefit from the areas protected by Morrow Mountain State Park on its northern Stanly County side and by the Uwharrie National Forest on the northern Montgomery County side. 

I hope the images in this collection convey some of the lake's mystery and quiet beauty that might be missed by busy Sunday afternoon boaters, skiers, and grillers. For those with a life-long appreciation of this stretch of the Pee Dee River between  Hydro and Falls Dams, I hope it brings a smile and some pride that your "river" is still beautiful. For everyone, I hope there can be renewed or continued desire to preserve and protect that which is close to us, so precious and delicate, and so important to our quality of life.